Preparing Your Skin For Fall

The leaves aren’t the only things changing and drying up this fall: so is our skin! The days of hot, humid air are coming to an end and we have to prepare accordingly as we enter drier months. 

So, what does the season shift really have to do with our skin?

As the air gets crisper, the dry air can strip your skin of its natural oils. When your skin is drier, it can make it more sensitive to allergens, pollutants, and even your own skincare! (Don’t worry: Intoxicated Cosmetics products are safe to use on sensitive skin!) Due to your skin being more susceptible to irritants, you may find that your skin can look or feel blotchy, dull or rough. Wrinkles may become more prominent, and they can even become so dry they start to crack. When wrinkles start cracking, that is an opening for more bacteria to enter your skin, which may make it even more difficult to deal with.

So how do we avoid this? The answer is simple!


First, gentle skincare. Since your skin is sensitive during this time, don’t use any abrasive or rough skincare products, for they may strip your natural barrier even more. Use gentle cleansers and serums that aren’t going to make your skin any worse.

Second, moisturize! Since your skin is dry, of course you need to give it what it is lacking: moisture! You can moisturize by of course using a moisturizer, but also using hydrating serums as well. Our Antidote Moisturizer is a great choice for a moisturizer. It contains Venuceane ™, which protects your skin from environmental factors; Matrixyl® Synthe'6®, which smooths fine lines and increases collagen and elastin production; and Pentavitin®, which instantly hydrates the face and promotes overall skin smoothness.

In addition to our Antidote Moisturizer, all of our serums are incredibly hydrating as well. Our Snake Serum is excellent at protecting your skin from environmental factors during season changes, while the Bee Serum is great for people who need hydration but may be more acne prone. 

While we love all of our serums, we have to give a special shoutout to our most hydrating serum, the Snail Serum! Snail Serum contains a biomimetic variation of Marine Cone Snail’s venom known as XEP™-018, a clinically proven biomimetic peptide shown to minimize muscle contractions, delivering both instant and visible results which include smoother and more even-toned skin, remarkable reduction in wrinkle depth, visible smoothing of expression lines, and maximum moisture retention. 

Get into the habit of moisturizing every morning and night. We recommend using a hydrating serum as well, but the moisturizer is an absolute necessity!

Another thing to keep in mind as we enter fall is doing damage control from the summer. To learn more about repairing your skin from the damage caused by the sun, check out our blog post "Say Goodbye to Sunburn and Sun Damage"

With the right products and proper dedication to your skin, the change of seasons doesn’t have to mean skin problems. Prepare for the colder weather now: get in a great skincare routine and by the time it’s winter, your skin will be hydrated and smooth, while you’ll be committed to preventing skin-related issues!