What serum is right for my skin type + skin concerns? 

  • Check out this quiz on our site to help determine which serum is right for you! However, as a general rule: 
    • If you have more oily, acne-prone skin, our Bee Serum would be great for you.
    • If you have redness and/or fine lines around your forehead, eyes, and mouth, our Snake Serum would be great for you. 
    • If you have dry skin, deep wrinkles, and/or tech neck, our Snail Serum would be great for you. 

Which serum helps with acne scars/hyperpigmentation? 

  • All of our serums contain Niacinamide, which helps restore skin and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and more! However, our Bee Serum also contains Royal Epigen which activates skin regeneration and improves the appearance of uneven skin tones, so it’s especially great if you struggle from intense hyperpigmentation.  

Are our products safe for sensitive skin?

  • Yes! Unlike many other products, our serums contain biomimetic peptides, which are compatible with the skin’s molecular structure. This means that our products work perfectly with the skin’s make-up and size, ensuring that they are safe and good to use for sensitive skin.  

Are we cruelty free?

  • Yes! While our serums are named after the creatures that inspired them, all of our serums are 100% cruelty free! In fact, our Snail and Snake Serums are 100% vegan. The Bee Serum, which is the only non-vegan serum, features bee venom. We collect the bee venom by using very low electrical currents to stimulate the hive of the bees, enticing them to protect their hive. There is a glass plate at the entrance of their hive which the bees then “sting.” However, since their stingers cannot penetrate the glass plate, the bees release their venom while remaining unharmed. This venom is then collected and taken to our lab to be purified and turned into our Bee Serum. Check out this video on our Instagram to learn more. 

Are our products safe to use while pregnant? 

  • Since our Snail and Snake Serums are completely vegan, they are absolutely safe to use while pregnant! We advise against using the Bee Serum while pregnant, simply because it contains Bee Venom and we cannot be sure whether or not your baby may have an allergic reaction. 

Can you pair our products with a retinol? 

  • Definitely! Our customers actually get the best results when they pair our serums with a retinol. 

Can you use all three serums together?

  • Yes! All three serums are formulated with the same base ingredients of Niacinamide, Betaine, Trehalose, and Vitamins C + E. Because of this, you will not experience a reaction from switching between serums. In fact, we recommend using all three together, and you can buy our full Serum Set to try them all at a discounted price. 

How should I use all three serums together? 

  • All of our serums work incredibly together! Here’s how we recommend using them all: 
  • Our Bee Serum, which is great for treating breakouts, acne scars, and promoting cellular turnover, is a popular serum for the morning under makeup, and is especially helpful during that time of the month when us girls are all more prone to a pimple or two.
  • Then, we made our Snake Serum to protect your skin against harsh and sudden climate changes as well as pollution. It also helps immensely to protect your skin against dermatitis throughout the year when the weather changes. Our Snake Serum is also great for those city days where air pollution is higher because of its antioxidants.
  • And lastly, we created our Snail Serum to be an incredibly hydrating and smoothing anti-aging serum that acts as a smaller scale topical version of Botox. But what's better is that in vivo studies showed that about 90% of women who applied this saw a noticeable decrease in their wrinkle depth and rugosity within just 2 hours - so it's an amazing serum for before an event or date night!
  • We personally like to swap out between our Bee Serum and our Snake Serum in the morning and then use our Snail Serum in the evening. Some people mix all 3, some people mix 2, and some people just stick to their favorite. There is no real wrong way to do it! 

    How should I layer the serums in my skincare routine? 

    • Our serums should be applied onto freshly cleansed and towel-dried skin. After our serums soak into your skin, feel free to follow with your favorite eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF. 

    Why are our serums priced this way?

    • Since we’re a small business, we can only afford to order so many units at a time, which increases our costs. This leads to us having smaller margins than larger brands that can buy hundreds of thousands of units at one time and thus get a discount from their labs. Our serums also contain top-of-the-line, new-age ingredients that are custom formulated to work flawlessly with your skin. Once you try our serums, you’ll be sold - trust us!

    Do we do wholesale?

    • Heck yeah we do! Check out our Wholesale secion on our website for more information on product descriptions, quantity, and pricing. 

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