Using All 3 of Our Signature Serums Together

We get asked all the time how to use our serums and in particular, how to use them all together. So we thought that we could write a quick little overview of the big how-to!

Essentially all 3 serums have similar bases which contain plant-based stem cells, Hyadisine (a harder working and deeper penetrating variation of hyaluronic acid), Niacinamide (vitamin B3), CoQ10, (an enzyme produced naturally in the human body that involves a number of biological functions such as neutralizing free radicals, and keeping cells both inside the body and in the skin healthy), and natural ingredients such as vitamins C + E, just to name a few ingredients. We did this because first of all, some ingredients are just simply necessary in a good hardworking serum, and also so that you could "pick your poison" daily without an adverse reaction such as a breakout, rash, etc.

Obviously, the thought is that everyone (even 20-somethings) wants a daily anti-aging serum (which our serums cover with their venom-based actives), but not every day does our skin feel the same outside of needing preventative/treatment style anti-aging ingredients. Especially living in New England with fluctuating weather, and then of course with hormones too.  

Our Bee Serum is great for breakouts, as the anti-microbial properties zap bacteria in its tracks. We also added a biomimetic variation of bee's Royal Jelly, which is also anti-inflammatory and healing – perfect for tackling past breakouts scars and promoting cellular turnover for new fresh and healthy skin. Our Bee Serum is a popular serum for the morning under makeup, and is especially helpful during that time of the month when we’re all more prone to a pimple or two.

Then, we made our Snake Serum to protect your skin against harsh and sudden climate changes as well as pollution. This serum contains a biomimetic peptide called MossCellTechNo1 that is clinically proven to protect skin against these factors and help it adapt as well. In addition to containing licorice extract which is great for redness and rosacea, Snake Serum contains green and white tea extracts which are a super source of antioxidants. I personally suffer from dermatitis during the spring and fall months (weather changes spark this) and this serum helps immensely in protecting my skin against that. Our Snake Serum is also great for those city days where air pollution is higher because of its antioxidants.

And lastly, we created our Snail Serum to be an incredibly hydrating and smoothing anti-aging serum. This serum contains a biomimetic variation of snail's mucin known as Hydraprotectol. This ingredient supports XEP-108 (the biomimetic variation of Marine Cone Snails Venom that this serum was based on) for further firmness and wrinkle reduction, and the glycolic acid within it is said to help your cells produce collagen and elastin. The venom-based active found inside this serum, XEP-018, slightly inhibits muscle neurotransmitters on the face which cause us to squint and crease and therefore wrinkle, acting as a smaller scale topical version of Botox. But what's better is that in vivo studies showed that about 90% of women who applied this saw a noticeable decrease in their wrinkle depth and rugosity within just 2 hours - so it's an amazing serum for before an event or date night! 

I personally like to swap out between our Bee Serum and our Snake Serum in the morning and then use our Snail Serum in the evening. Some people mix all 3, some people mix 2, and some people just stick to their favorite. There is no real wrong way to do it!