Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re struggling to come up with a gift for your special someone, look no further - we’ve got you covered. Here’s the ultimate gift guide for your favorite person! 

For Her: 

For the Girl Who Loves Smelling Good: Perfume

Who doesn’t love smelling delicious? Gift her a perfume and every time she wears it, she’ll think of you! Some great options include Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, and Versace Bright Crystal $76+ - Ulta$58+ - Ulta$60+ - Ulta

For the Hopeless Romantic: Jewelry & Flowers

I know, I know, it’s basic, but it’s an oldie and a goodie! Skip the tacky heart-shaped jewelry and opt for something unique, like a ring with her Zodiac sign or a necklace with your birthstone. For flowers, Venus Et Fleur offers real flowers that last for a year so you get the best bang for your buck! 

  $36 - Etsy $25+ - Etsy $44+ - Venus Et Fleur

For the Girl Who Never Wants to Get Out of Bed: Silk Pajamas 

You want your girl looking and feeling her best, right? She can’t do that without some gorgeous silk PJs to lounge in!  

   $187+ - Etsy

For the Skin Care Obsessed: Intoxicated Cosmetics Serums 

Of course we had to feature our own products! Our serums are a girl’s best friend - she’ll love it, we promise! 

   90+ - Intoxicated Cosmetics

For the Girl with Flawless Hair: The Dyson Air Wrap

If your girl loves taking care of her hair, the Dyson Air Wrap is the ultimate splurge! 

$549.99 - Ulta 

For the Work From Home Queen: Blue Light Glasses

With COVID, working from home has become the norm, but we don’t need to damage our eyes because of it! Buy your boo some blue light glasses!

  $26 - Etsy 

For the Confident Baddie: Lingerie

We know you were already thinking about it… We love lingerie! Nothing makes your girl feel sexier than rocking some lingerie. Savage X Fenty is the perfect option for all body types! 

 $14+ - Savage X Fenty 

For the Girl Who Loves to Feel Cozy: Aesthetic Candles

If your girl loves some ambience, check out these viral candles! 

  $6 - Etsy 

For the Comfy Cuddler: Matching Sweatsuits

If you and your partner love being comfy, buy matching sweat sets to lounge around the house in! 

 $47+ - Etsy

Now, when you’re looking for gifts for him, it’s important to also make them gifts for you, right? 

For Him: 

For the Guy Who Still Uses Axe Body Spray: Cologne

Let’s be honest, sometimes men… stink. Literally. So get him some cologne so he’ll smell good for you! Dior Sauvage and Gucci Guilty are two classics.

  $80+ - Ulta$65+ - Ulta

For the No-Shave-November That’s Gone on Far Too Long: A Shaving Kit

Some scruff is great, but sometimes we don’t want “beard burn” everytime we go in for a kiss! Gift him the Bevel Shave System Starter Kit so he stays smooth.   $59.95 - Bevel

For the Instagram Boyfriend: Reusable Film Camera

Some boys are shockingly great behind the camera, but remember that they want to be in some pics too! Buy a reusable film camera to capture all your memories. 

$65+ - Amazon

For the Guy Who Always Forgets His Wallet: Monogrammed Wallet

Let’s be real, if he doesn’t have his wallet on him, he can’t buy you things! Unacceptable. Buy him a wallet so the credit card is always at the ready. 

  $21 - Etsy 

For the Music Lover: Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music through your phone speaker? Meh, whatever. Listening to music through a waterproof bluetooth speaker that you can use in the bedroom and in the shower? Much more like it. 

$145 - Amazon

For the Hoodie Lover: A cozy hoodie

What’s the point of him having all those hoodies if you can’t steal any of them? Buy him one so that you can steal it whenever you want. 

 $55 - Etsy 

For the Blanket Hog: Silk Sheets

Boys are notorious for never washing their sheets (ew), so buy him a luxurious set of silk sheets. These clean, soft sheets will make sleepovers so much better.

 $135+ - Etsy


There you go! Now Valentine's Day gifts are all figured out. You're welcome ;)