What is SYN-AKE and How Does it Work?

So by now I’m sure you’re all familiar with our Snake Serum. We get asked daily about the “snake venom” used, if it’s safe, cruelty free, and how it works. Well I’m here to tell you all the science behind the snake “venom” used in our serum!


Snake venom has been used throughout history to treat illness. As early as 37 BCE, snake venom was found to have healing properties. Back then, its practical uses included treating a fast bleeding sword wound. Since then, scientists have been looking at other ways that snake venom affects the human body. It was discovered that the venom of the temple viper snake is capable of paralyzing muscles to weaken their prey. Scientists have since developed an ingredient with a chemically similar structure to this venom, designed to mimic this action in a safe, beneficial way: SYN-AKE.


This ingredient is a synthetic peptide, meaning that it’s made of small synthetic proteins modeled based on a real-world peptide. The peptide in temple viper snakes that was mimicked is known as Walergin-1. This peptide prohibits the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, therefore keeping the muscles relaxed. Because this ingredient simply mimics snake venom, our Snake Serum is totally vegan and cruelty free. Super exciting stuff! 


Now let's get into the benefits of this magical ingredient. Much like the venom of the temple viper snake, SYN-AKE is able to freeze the muscles that create wrinkles in order to reduce the appearance of them. It visibly smoothes wrinkles after only 4 weeks. It’s super fast acting and long lasting. However, it isn’t just capable of reversing pre-existing wrinkles, but it also takes preventative measures against them. So listen up ladies, it’s never too early to invest in your skin!!


This revolutionary ingredient works on all skin types and has proven to show insane results in such a short amount of time. It’s a great, less invasive, and less pricey alternative to Botox. This ingredient is the star of our Snake serum and has made it possible for us to bring you a great anti-aging serum!