Intoxicated Cosmetics

The Complete Skincare Collection

$310 $443

Indulge in Intoxicated Cosmetics complete skincare collection and make your entire skincare routine, well, Intoxicating.

Start your skincare routine with our sudsy, fresh, eucalyptus + glycolic-infused cleanser, Clean Queen to remove dirt, oil, makeup and debris. Next, take your cleansing to the next level to remove excess build up and dead skin cells with our Power Wash Peel Pads, creating the perfect canvas for our venom inspired serums. Then, Pick Your Poison for your treatment serum, or create your own cocktail by mixing two or even all three! And lastly, finish off your routine with our signature moisturizer, Antidote. 

This set includes: Bee Serum, Snake Serum, Snail Serum, Antidote Moisturizer, Power Wash Peel Pads, and Clean Queen Glycolic Cleanser. 

A $443 value! 

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