Busting Common Vitamin C Myths You Probably Believe

Vitamin C is such a hot skincare ingredient that can be seen everywhere nowadays! However, whenever a new product becomes all-the-rage, many myths and misconceptions pop up. Today, we’ll be discussing all of these myths so that you can be informed about all things Vitamin C. This is especially helpful since all of our serums contain Vitamin C! 

Myth #1: You Can Only Use Vitamin C at Night 

Truth: You can actually use Vitamin C at any time of day in your skincare routine! 

While Vitamin C’s purest form is an acid, it is not known to increase sun sensitivity like other acids do. In fact, studies have shown that Vitamin C can actually protect the skin against sun damage. This means that you can apply Vitamin C at any time of day. That being said, don’t skip SPF! Pairing your Vitamin C with your SPF makes for a great dynamic duo. 

You’ll also see different benefits based on when you apply your Vitamin C. Applying Vitamin C in the morning will provide you with antioxidative benefits. However, if you’re applying Vitamin C in the evening, you’ll benefit from skin firming and rejuvenating. So, feel free to slather on your serum day and night to reap all the benefits. 

Myth #2: Vitamin C Doesn’t Work for Sensitive Skin

Truth: Vitamin C works for all skin types! 

Since our bodies do not make their own Vitamin C, the only way that we can obtain all of Vitamin C’s benefits is to either eat it or apply it topically. When some people hear this, they’re concerned about their skin’s reaction to Vitamin C. However, opting for a less acidic formula will often be perfectly fine for those with sensitive skin. Since our products also contain skin-soothing ingredients such as green tea, our serums are a safe way for those with sensitive skin to get some Vitamin C! 

Myth #3: Your Skin Can Grow Resistant to Vitamin C 

Truth: You can continue to use Vitamin C without building up resistance! 

Oftentimes, we’ll notice that our skin builds resistance to certain ingredients after using them for an extended period of time. Essentially, the number of receptors lessens or becomes less sensitive to an ingredient. However, with Vitamin C, this doesn’t seem to happen! So, if you find a great Vitamin C product (*cough cough* ours *cough cough*), you can stick with it! 

Now you have all the knowledge necessary to make smart choices when it comes to your Vitamin C usage! At Intoxicated Cosmetics, we know that skincare can be daunting, but we’re here to make it as easy-to-understand as possible.