A Guide to the Perfect Girls' Night In

The world around us is constantly changing. These days, it’s becoming harder and harder to find ways to entertain yourself while also staying safe. With the emergence of Covid-19, we are all left eager to go out, but unable to. Spirits are at an all time low. What this means is that we’re all in desperate need of some f-ing girls’ nights. We’re here to tell you how we learned how to perfect our girls’ nights and to share the wealth with you guys. 

Getting glammed up to go out is one of my favorite parts about leaving the house. The confidence boost attained by putting in contacts, slapping on a little mascara and a leather jacket is incomparable. For most, these simple actions seem like a burden these days. For me, it’s a way to stay feeling like a badass. Do whatever the fuck you need to feel good. If that means putting on a whole outfit and doing a whole glam look… go for it. If you want to stay comfy… go for it. There is no dress code when it comes to staying home with your closest friends. It’s a total judgement free zone. 

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to discuss entertainment.

1. Channel your inner master chef

After a long week of work from home, online classes, or dying of boredom, I believe that it’s absolutely essential to treat yourself. Open that dusty cook book that’s been laying in the back of your cabinets. Look up some recipes for cocktails (& stay tuned for some serum inspired cocktail recipes in the coming months). Absolutely ball out. Being home means that eating and drinking is cheaper than it would be at a fancy restaurant, bar or club. Just remember to throw on our bee & snail serums before bed to combat that next-day hangover breakout. 

2. Movie Night

There is absolutely nothing I love more than sitting down with my closest friends (remember to keep the gathering to your bubble), and watching a good romcom. It’s a timeless activity that never gets old. My personal favorite romantic comedies include She’s the Man and Crazy Rich Asians. There is also so much new technology to enable a movie night virtually. Hulu Watch Party and Zoom screen sharing are great ways to keep in touch with your friends without the risk. 

3. Game Night

There’s so many ways to approach Game Night in the modern age. You could go totally old school and whip out the classic board games and puzzles. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with that. However, my personal favorite is making game night rated R. For the Girls, Cards Against Humanity, and of course, drinking games, are all great for this. If you haven’t tried this out, I highly recommend it. There’s nothing better than laughing at the obscene Cards Against Humanity cards with your girls. 

4. Spa Night

Last but not least, there’s spa night. When you think about a girls’ night, this is usually what pops into your head. Let me set the scene for you: you and your girls, robes, face masks, Intoxicated Cosmetics serums, candles, mani pedis, and extracting each other's black blackheads. Self care is essential, and even more fun with friends. Make it look like a scene right out of a coming of age movie.

If you try any of these GNI (girls’ night in) ideas, be sure to tag us so we can share the love!