Implementing Our Serums into your Routine

A lot of people have been asking us how exactly to implement our serums into their routine, so we thought that we would give you a breakdown of how to do so.

As self-diagnosed beauty junkies ourselves, we totally get it – we have a thousand products that we already love and want to continue to use because they all have a purpose, and also because perhaps we hoard them and like the way that they look on our shelves. I personally think I may have over 100 products on my vanity. Just saying, we don’t judge and we’re happy to answer how we can be added to your collection!

 First of all, our serums are definitely compatible with other products which we will explain in a moment. Second of all, later this year we are planning on creating a more complete line of Intoxicated’s products – everything from sheet masks to a cleanser, a toner, and even a moisturizer. That means that soon enough, you will be able to use our entire exclusive line! Yay!

But in the meantime, the way that we would personally implement our serums into our everyday routine is: 

  1. Thoroughly cleanse face 
  2. Exfoliate (2x per week - whether this is with a glycolic, exfoliant cleanser, peel, or enzymes is up to you)
  3. Pat dry 
  4. Apply Bee Snake or Snail serum all over face and neck (morning + night)
  5. Apply eye cream
  6. Apply favorite moisturizer 
  7. Apply sunscreen 

Note* Since the bases of all 3 serums are relatively similar (Hyadisine, vitamins C + E + B3, plant-based stem cells, sebuless, etc), you can definitely switch between serums without having a reaction! Founder Rachel Sommers is known to use Bee Serum in the morning to control breakouts and then Snail Serum at night to moisturize

*Note: If you are already using a vitamin C serum, it is not necessary to continue to do so in addition to our serums as all 3 of our serums already contain vitamin C

*Note: We also love masking! Whether it is a detoxifying mask or a super hydrating mask, we would suggest to regularly apply

*Note: We are also big believers in extractions and regular facials at least once a month. We are also obsessed with dermaplaning which is an exfoliating service that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair on your face. This service actually makes your products work better and even makes your makeup look smoother! If you regularly go in for facials, be sure to add it on to your service next time. We’re obsessed!

We also wanted to make sure it’s clear that the main goal of our serums is to be used as anti-aging products. All 3 of our serums in the Venom Collection contain slightly different ingredients and have slightly different ways of doing the following to skin:

  1. Reproducing collagen and elastin
  2. Delivering antioxidants
  3. Reducing and smoothing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores
  4. Protecting the skin against external factors (such as climate changes, harsh weather conditions, and pollution)
  5. Intensely hydrating the skin 
  6. Delivering vitamins C + E + B3
  7. Increase blood circulation 

*Note: In some serums, the formulas also act as a modulator of the neuromuscular transmission, which is a fancy way of saying that it temporarily decreases the creasing and wrinkling of skin, which causes wrinkles in the first place 

 We hope that this helps! If you have any additional questions on how to use our products, please email Rachel at