Interchanging Between our Serums

The other day when selling products to a local Boston-based salon, I was asked “what is the purpose of buying a set of serums because each one is supposed to be for a different skin type?”. This got me to thinking about why I created all of the serums in the way that I did, and so I thought that it would be super beneficial to explain the purpose that each serum holds straight from the potion master’s mouth!

The way that I personally look at skin care, is that much like you, your skin has its good days and its bad days, and no two days are really ever the same. Applying this approach to skincare to me meant that, some days I break out, somedays I am in harsh or rapid changing weather conditions, somedays I am super dry, somedays more hormonal than others, etc. So, keeping this in mind I wanted to create a serum line that was somehow interchangeable, but each serum different enough from each other that they would wield different results.

Let’s face it; everyone, no matter their age, would like to look younger or at least preserve their youthful appearance, which is why I based my serums on the amazing naturally occurring chemical compounds found in ectothermic animal venoms. Once I started to learn about and understand them, it was undeniable to me that I had to include these amazing “work horses” into my serums (along with plant-based stem cells) to achieve maximum anti-aging results. After all, my serums are based on bridging the super large gap between injectable and topical anti-aging solutions.

But, what occurred to me is that although each venom has a different way of achieving a similar result, they also have different components to them when thinking about the bigger picture of skincare, not just anti-aging. So, when I was creating these formulas with our biochemical company, I knew that my serums had to all contain relatively similar bases so that consumers could interchange between them, based on how their skin felt that day, hence our slogan “Pick Your Poison”. Keeping that in mind, although  each serum has different workhorses, they all contain the following ingredients: Vitamins C & E, Vitamin B3 as a restorative ingredient, and Hyadisine, a synthetic variation of hyaluronic acid that has a smaller and therefore more deeply penetrating molecular structure. All 3 bases also contain Sebuless which is a known ingredient use for controlling oil production in the skin.

Now that the bases of the formulas are understood, here is how I personally go about picking my poison day to day:

Bee Serum contains purified bee venom, which acts to reproduce collagen and elastin, increase blood flow, and slightly mimic the effects of Botox, giving us the anti-aging and preventative aspects of the serum. However, purified bee venom also has a ton of anti-microbial properties which are amazing for treating acne and stopping bacteria in its tracks. Because of this, I personally use Bee Serum when I am about to or am having a breakout, and especially in the days before my period so that I can prevent the hormonal acne that is bound to rear its ugly little head.

Another issue with acne prone skin is of course scarring, and we wanted to keep this in mind while concocting Bee Serum, so we added Royal Epigen. This powerful biomimetic peptide based on Bee’s Royal Jelly. Because natural Royal Jelly (also known as Royalactin) is unstable and too large to penetrate the skin, this peptide was developed to copy its active sequence. This biomimetic peptide is a new and biologically-active ingredient that activates skin regeneration and glow. which stimulated skin renewal, which led to a rapid increase in skin smoothness. In addition to this, when applied on the face of women presenting uneven skin tones an in in vitro study, this royalactin-like peptide improved the uniformity of their complexions within just 28 days – perfect for helping minimalize scarring and reproducing healthy and even skin!

When it comes to our Snake Serum, Snake is also great for treating acne as it contains white and green tea extracts which contain a plethora of antioxidants. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its high content of polyphenols called “catechins”. The catechins in green tea reduce irritation, redness, and swelling. Green tea is a powerful antibacterial agent for treating acne and unclogging pores, as the polyphenols damage bacterial membranes and fight against infection, making it a useful tool for treating the bacterial growth that causes acne. So this is another great formula to use when you are feeling a breakout coming on, but it’s not Snake’s only purpose.

Another way to implement Snake Serum into your routine is during days that you are either going into a city, as it helps protect your skin against pollution, or on a day that you are going to be experiencing harsh weather conditions. I know that I personally tend to also breakout when my skin gets super dry (as dead skin cells pile on top of my skin, creating a lack of oxygen, and therefore building bacteria that gets trapped underneath that dead skin).

So, in addition to white and green tea extracts delivering anti-oxidants and zapping acne, Snake also contains an amazing biomimetic peptide known as MossCellTec™ No. 1. This peptide is based on a type of moss known as Physcomitrella, and was first discovered due to its extraordinary adaptation abilities to survive in harsh climates. This peptide fights multiple signs of aging and gives better resistance to both the genetic and epigenetic aging processes. In vitro and clinical studies have shown that MossCellTec™ No. 1 helps the skin to adapt to fast climatic changes which results in a significant increase in skin hydration, homogeneity and barrier function despite changing climatic conditions in just two weeks, as well as a reduction in wrinkle depth after just four weeks. 

Because of these ingredients, again I will use Snake Serum on days that I know are going to be harsh weather-wise, as well as on days that I feel I need a little bit of help controlling my acne!

Last but not least, there is Snail Serum. Snail Serum is my personal favorite (I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite child but I do!). Not only does Snail Serum contain the strongest anti-aging biomimetic peptide known as XEP-018, based on the venomous Marine Cone Snail (you can see results within as little as 2 hours after application!), but it also contains a boat load of nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

One of my favorite ingredients in this particular serum is glycosaminoglycans derived from snail mucin for further firmness support and wrinkle reduction called Hydraprotectol. The glycolic acid found in snail mucin is said to help your cells produce collagen and elastin, which even out skin tone and smooth its surface. Hydraprotectol provides an immediate moisturization of the epidermal skin layers and contains Trihydroxypalmitic acid to ensure in-depth hydration via the reinforcement of the cutaneous barrier, therefore ensuring protection against outside factors. This ingredient is made to ensure a long-lasting and immediate hydration, and its oil-soluble molecule helps repair the cutaneous barrier to guarantee an in-depth, long-term hydration.

I personally like to use Snail Serum as a night time serum, using Bee or Snake in the morning, depending on my day. However, if my skin is feeling super dry, I use it in the morning and at night.

If you have any questions on the best way to “pick your poison” or on interchanging between serums, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at!