My Work From Home Routine

Hi, my name is Catherine and I’m a Marketing Associate here at Intoxicated Cosmetics! As we’re approaching a full year of most of us working from home, I thought I’d share my work from home routine with you all! 


8:30 AM: I like to try and start my day with a mindfulness exercise, some meditation or yoga, and some journaling. Some days, my snooze button is far too tempting and I skip this altogether.

9:00 AM: After starting my day right, I’ll make some breakfast and, obviously, do my skincare routine. Breakfast is usually a fruit and spinach smoothie or a muffin with a chai latte. There’s truly no inbetween for me. As for my skincare routine, let me tell you, I barely used to have one! Since working at Intoxicated, my skincare game has upped immensely and my skin thanks me for it. I start with lightly cleansing my skin, toning, applying our Bee Serum, a light moisturizer, and finishing off with some SPF. 


9:30 AM: I know most of us began quarantine living in sweats, but I honestly can’t do it anymore! Something about wearing sweatpants all day made my productivity go down the drain. So, now I dress up a bit everyday, even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt. 


10:00 AM: One perk of working for a small company is that we start at 10:00 AM instead of 9:00. You’d be shocked how much of a difference it makes! I feel so much more ready to start the day and grind with just starting an hour later. Our team starts our morning with a Zoom call to discuss what we’re working on for the day, any blocks we’re facing, and just chat for a bit. It’s the perfect start to the morning and makes jumping right into work so much easier. 


10:30 AM: After our meeting, we head off and work on our respective tasks for the day. As a marketing associate with a focus in social media and influencer relations, I spend a lot of my Mondays brainstorming our social strategy for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. This means I’m finding pictures for our Insta feed, scheduling Tweets for the week, brainstorming and filming TikToks and sharing some updates on LinkedIn. In addition, I reach out to influencers about possibly collaborating with us and trying our incredible products. The work day truly flies by when you’re passionate about your job! 

1:00 PM: After a couple hours of work, it’s time for lunch! I love making some soup, a sandwich, or enjoying some leftovers from the night before. I’ll take my dog, Daisy, for a quick little walk, eat my lunch, scroll through TikTok for a couple minutes, and then head back to work. 

2:30 PM: We have another team meeting in the afternoon to catch up on what we’ve accomplished for the day, what we have left to do, and just chat and say hi! These meetings are crucial for our productivity and connectivity as a team while we work from home. It adds structure to our day while also giving us freedom throughout the day to be productive. 

4:00 PM: Another working-for-a-start-up perk is that we end early as well, so our days wrap up by around 4:00 PM everyday. After work, I like to either head to the gym to get a little workout in, snuggle with my dog while I watch some trash TV, or clean up my space to prep for the night. This makes my life-work balance really incredible! 

7:00 PM: I love to cook, so my nights are often spent in the kitchen. Tonight, I’m planning on making some Thai drunken noodles. I’ll then cozy up with my partner on the couch with a glass of wine or a cocktail and enjoy the rest of my night. 

10:00 PM: When it’s time to get ready to wine down for my night, I take a nice shower and do my skincare routine again. At night, however, I skip the SPF and instead apply a retinol. I’ll then go on Pinterest, do some meditation or yoga, or do some reading and head off to bed!