Our New Favorite Superstar Ingredient: Venuceane

We received an outpour of feedback from you guys saying that you wanted our moisturizer, Antidote, to feature anti-aging properties. You ask, we deliver. So here we are. Meet our new ingredient crush- Venuceane. This superstar ingredient is one of the many active ingredients in Antidote and has amazing anti-aging properties. Let’s get into the science behind this ingredient…

Venuceane is an enzyme that protects the skin from environmental factors, smoothes lines, protects the skin, and calms irritation. Its main benefit is that it’s highly efficient at protecting against infrared (IR) aging. What exactly is IR aging? Well, our skin is exposed to IR radiation daily. This type of radiation generates heat which catalyzes the aging process and is a major contributor to photo-damage. Therefore it is super essential to combat this type of radiation, and Venuceane is just the thing to do this. 

Venuceane is activated by heat. This means that as temperature outside increases, the ingredient becomes more effective. Therefore, as the sun comes out and exposes you to these IR rays, Venuceane is working its magic to protect your skin. In doing so, the loss of elasticity, formation of wrinkles, dull complexion, skin dehydration, and age spots caused by infrared radiation are targeted and diminished. This is what makes Venuceane such an amazing anti-aging ingredient. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

  • The smoothing effects on the outside layer of the skin after 56 days of treatment

  • The anti-wrinkle effects on the eye area after 6 months. 

Now do you see why we HAD to include this in our new moisturizer? We’re dying for you guys to try it out.