Pick Your Poison Quiz: Which Serum is Right For You?

Pick Your Poison Quiz 

What’s your skin type?

  1. Dry - Normal  
  2. Normal - Combination 
  3. Combination - Oily

What is your main skin concern, other than anti-aging? 

  1. Increase moisture retention; see instant + visible wrinkle reduction; and smooth skin 
  2. Target fine lines around forehead, eyes, and mouth; improve skin elasticity and firmness
  3. Fight oil production and bacteria, plump skin, and improve skin elasticity

Do you have any redness, rosacea, or acne you want to treat as well? 

  1. Nope, all good! 
  2. Redness and/or rosacea 
  3. Acne 

How intense do you want your anti-aging product to be?

  1. High intensity, give me that smooth, Botox look without the injections
  2. Medium intensity, I have some light wrinkles + fine lines I’d like to tackle
  3. Not super intense, just a light preventative measure

Which best describes the effect you’re looking for?

  1. I want to be red-carpet plump and ready within just a couple of hours
  2. I’m willing to be more patient to see significant results around problem areas like the forehead and around the eyes and mouth within 28 days
  3. I want to see results of more hydrated skin, without breaking me out, within 24 hours 

Which best describes your environment? 

  1. Cold and dry weather
  2. City dweller 
  3. Hot and humid 

What best describes your skin texture?

  1. Dry and flakey 
  2. Issues with hyperpigmentation/ patchy 
  3. Irritated and inflamed 


If You Answered Mostly As: Snail Serum 

If You Answered Mostly Bs: Snake Serum 

If You Answered Mostly Cs: Bee Serum 

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