The Benefits of Hyadisine

This week we’re highlighting one of the most cutting edge ingredients that is featured in all three of our serums: hyadisine. 

Hyadisine is one of the newest cosmetic wrinkle fillers and the latest weapon in anti-aging skin care. Scientists discovered this ingredient in the depths of Douarnenez Bay in Brittany, France. The aquatic life in this region is highly dynamic due to constant exposure to harsh weather. These organisms endure the stress of dessication, UV exposure, and nutrient depletion, yet continue to remain hydrated. Their ability to thrive despite these intense conditions is due to the glucuronic acid they secreted. Thus, hyadisine was developed by incorporating glucuronic acid, creating a revolutionary ingredient that mimics the self-hydrating actions of these organisms. 

This ingredient is amazing at protecting keratinocytes (a skin cell that produces keratin) from cold stress. By utilizing our serums, you are essentially creating a barrier against environmental factors (much like the aquatic life in Douarnenez Bay), keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. For those of you living in cities struggling with poor air quality, cold environments, and warm environments, hyadisine has got your skin covered. 

On top of this, hyadisine provides 58.5% more moisturization than it’s older, more widely used alternative, hyaluronic acid. How could we not incorporate this intense moisturizing ingredient into all three of our serums? It’s high water-retaining capacity means that you get immediate, long-lasting moisturization and instant wrinkle reduction. 

Additionally, this ingredient has skin replenishing properties. When used, it can recover the skin’s lost volume for instant skin smoothing and plumping. 

It honestly comes as a shock to us that more skincare companies haven’t switched over to hyadisine since it simply works better than hyaluronic acid. It’s just another way we stand out here at Intoxicated Cosmetics!