The Benefits of Snail Mucin

Hi babes! With the harsh winter chill drying out our skin, let’s chat about a moisturizing hero: our lab-created snail mucin, aka hydraprotectol! 

At first glance, the name “snail mucin” may turn you off, but we are a venom-based skin care company, after all and snail mucin is one of the most popular up-and-coming ingredients in skin care! It was popularized by Korean beauty and we are so grateful. It’s hydrating properties are incredible to revitalize skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and provide instant and long-lasting hydration. 

Let’s look at the breakdown of snail mucin’s ingredients to understand how it has such lovely benefits! Snail mucin is made up of glycoproteins, glycolic acid, and trihydroxy palmitic acid. These ingredients have a long history of being beneficial for skin care.

  • The glycolic acid helps your cells produce collagen and elastic, which evens the skin tone and smooth the skin’s surface. This helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while also giving you the glowy, radiant look of young, healthy skin. In addition, glycolic acid also contains 
  • The glycoproteins work hand-in-hand with the glycolic acid and the trihydroxy palmitic acid to keep the skin smooth and healthy-looking. It also enhances the skin’s natural resilience by supporting the strength of the skin’s barrier. 
  • The trihydroxy palmitic acid provides deep hydration and further reinforcement of the skin’s barrier. This guarantees long-lasting and immediate hydration. 

All of these amazing properties make snail mucin such a fantastic ingredient to promote skin-firmness support and wrinkle reduction. This makes our Snail Serum ultra-hydrating and moisturizing without feeling heavy or oily on the skin! In addition, snail mucin is a relatively calm ingredient, so those with sensitive skin should not experience irritation when using it! It’s a win-win. 

I know, I know - we’ve sold you on this fabulous ingredient! If you want to experience the astonishing benefits of snail mucin for yourself, check out our Snail Serum, which features it as a key ingredient.